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My name is Molly and I live in New-Brunswick, Canada.  I am an administrative assistant by day and passionate handy woman in the evening. I have always loved finding solutions to simplify my life. I am the daughter of a creative and very orderly mom and a handyman and meticulous father. I am passionate about repairing things and understand how everything works around me and create new things.

I truly believe that organizing allows me more creativity and frees me from the chaos of the everyday life. But: "do as I say, not what I do"; my house is in constant renovation and construction (and a mess), I have two cats, a dog, two kids and a husband, so there is nothing perfect in our humble abode.

I have many things to tell and nothing at the same time. But I love writing and I dive into this experience head first. I'm new at this, so please, be kind.

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