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What's your trick for quickly coring strawberries?

I love going strawberry picking, it's like a treasure hunt.  I wish I could get them in my own backyard and never have to pay for another fruit in my life. Then again, Agriculture is a lot of work!  And I wouldn't have the chance to go to "La ferme Losier" to share this activity with my girls otherwise. I want to teach my them where real food comes from and there is nothing more natural than picking your food fresh from the ground! 
I usually get home with my large cooking pot full and take the stems one by one with a knife.  It makes a mess and I loose a lot of the strawberries also.  I use to have a small "sort of" pliers tool but it never really worked for me, so it went to garbage a couple of years ago.  I was about to begin when my husband came home from work and told me about using a straw.  I kinda laugh at him but let him tried: anything to get rid of the task!   He started using a small straw and it worked but boy it was slow.  I got him a bigger one (A straw I got with a plastic glass made for frozen drinks) and then it started to make a lot more sense. 
It removed the middle of the strawberry and it's probably not better than the knife but to me it was quicker and more effective.  I suggest you keep a towel near as the strawberry juice tends to run along the straw, onto the floor. 
Bottom line, I don't think there is a perfect way to remove stems off strawberry but I think this one is a real cheap and fast and I will keep it until I find a better one.  Ultimately, all I can say is: Keep your dog off your strawberries while you do it!  (see video below, my dog eats anything) Ha!Ha!Ha!