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What to buy on eBay, or a few tips to get you started on eBay

I know, most people would tell me there is no need for a guide to buy on eBay, its easy, you just have to search and find everything. In short the kind of article I set aside from a while, telling me that it wouldn't be interesting ... But then again, people are generally quite surprised when I tell them I bought these beautiful heels on eBay. And I am even more surprised to have so many questions! This week visiting my dentist, someone asked me: What exactly do you buy on eBay? I answered very mindlessly: "There is everything on eBay, you can buy a car if you want," but the question made me think ...

What can you buy on eBay? You can find anything on eBay, but I don't find myself buying everything on eBay. I am an addicted to heels (Lord have mercy), I have tons of it and I almost exclusively buys my clothes and heels on eBay. My first item bought on eBay was a hanging used flower pot. Just because I wanted to buy something, for the experience of it. It was enough to convince me.

Over the years, I bought flower pots, electronic items, clothing, shoes, lingerie, auto parts, motorcycle parts, tapestry, makeup, hats, money collection, jewelry, but the best of all; MY WEDDING DRESS ... Yes !!! A real jewel !!! For the modest sum of $ 300.

For sure buying on eBay is risky, but you can avoid disappointment by knowing some basic rules. Some of which follow:

Clothing sizes

Articles made from Asian (China, Japan, etc ..) are generally smaller than American sizes. The XL represents approximately a size Medium in Canada (and US) and sometimes even Small. Be vigilant over that.

Shoes sizes

There is a difference between the size of a country from another (not the actual size but the "size code"). Check these numbers before buying. Any vendor that delivers internationally will add a size guide in the item description. You can rely on that. I'm rarely disappointed, it's easier to buy shoes than clothes. These sizes are consistent regardless of the country.

This image shows the size conversion between US / UK / EUROPE / CHINA (Canada uses the same code size as US). According to this table, if you wear your shoes in size 8, you should buy size 6 in a UK size, size 39 in Europe size, and a 39 in Chinese size.

international sizes

You can find a bigger list here


It is at your own risk! If the price is ridiculously low, it's probably an indication that the quality is also, quality is costly. But it's possible that the quality of a product is less important to you. I don't like paying too much for high heels because I get rid of them rather quickly; fashion changes quickly and clothing are often obsolete from one season to another. I don't need quality for Halloween items for example. And it can be an article a seller wishes to sell quickly, like a size no one need for example. Try to reach the seller if you can, you will be set on those details.


It's sometimes difficult to see the quality of a product with its presentation. On clothing, you can examine more closely some details, such as the transparency of the fabric. See these example.  (Click to enlarge) 

transparency in clothing   transparency in clothing   transparency in clothing  transparency in clothing

You can see different levels of transparency on these four items. It doesn't necessarily indicate poor quality, but rather an idea of the fabric thickness and consequently help you in your choice.

Your devices compatibility

Always check if the model of your device is in the list of products model compatible with your device.  A universal casing for Iphone 5 will not be compatible with a higher version (Iphone 6). Also each device has its own physical features and an accessory that is compatible with all devices can cause you problems.

For example, this 7-inch tablet casing looks interesting.

Device comptability

The Samsung Tab tablet has a rear camera. With the use of this protective case, you need to remove it from the case to use it. Not very convenient.

Return policy

Take the time to read the description in the return policy on all items. It will be your responsibility if you return the item if it's not stated in the description. I would say that in general, sellers accept a return within a reasonable time. And even a full refund without returning (it happened to me, an item I never received). Sellers wants good feedbacks. 


A seller who has many articles similar (or different) is a good indication. How do we know if a seller has a shop on the first glance? During your search, often you'll see the same model or the same person coming back (for clothes), it is an indication of a shop. In general, the shops offer a better warranty and you are assured of a well-oiled return policy.

Ebay listing


Now, before you are about to purchase an item, it's time to get to know the seller. Check its profile page and the comments that previous buyers have left. If it is higher than 96%, you are good, since you should avoid feedback below that mark. This percentage is taken very seriously and is probably the most important indicator of the honesty of the seller.


This is certainly not all there is to know about eBay as a buyer but these lines will help you get started. I could go further in another article, on how to contact a vendor, how to proceed with Paypal, how to add comments to a vendor, when you'll pay custom fees, delivery time, Paypal protection and more.

You have questions, don't hesitate !!