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A tent-trailer smaller in size but full of projects

We acquired this tent trailer by the same way as the first, by our local junkyard. Before making our first into a trailer, we were looking for a  smaller tent trailer in order to be able to move it without a truck. The girls being older, we did not need as many objects.

This new acquisition literally obsessed me all winter. Pinterest Ahhhh ... again to the rescue.

Our tent trailer was a good buy considering that it needed a bit of maintenance and repair. The mesh windows and the curtains had been nibbled by mice during the winter and the two curtain beds also. Although only aesthetic, I preferred to repair it anyway. For the rest, everything was very clean and functional.

Our second tent trailer: Bonair BA

Bonair BA800 tent-trailer


  • Its size: It is smaller, easy to store and requires no truck to transport it.
  • Storage spaces. This tent trailer was very well designed. There are actually a lot more storage space than our previous larger one. A cabinet with two doors for kitchen items, a cutlery drawer and a third one on the lower cabint.
  • A suspended cabinet to put dangerous items for children such or health products.
  • The beds are single and double sizes, so the blankets and sheets are much more affordable and easy to find.
  • The heating plate has a second location and is not fixed inside.
  • Easy to install and the canopy is a good size.


  • Is a little narrower than other models, reducing the beds of comfort for larger person (as us). (6 feet 7 inches versus 9 feet)
  • Do not have an outdoor storage space for items used less or more bulky as: Life jacket, tools, children's toys, chemical toilet etc ...
  • The beds, though well support our weight, do not appear as strong as the previous one and it is sometimes worrisome.

Unfortunately Bonair no longer manufactures Tent Trailer and the web is very stingy on the subject.

This site will give you a lot of links to guides for using any kind of tent trailer (including Bonair)

In my next topics I will discuss the changes and improvements I have made to the Bonair Ba800.

You have reduced or increased the size of your tent trailer or trailer? I will love to know the reason.