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Small wipes for ferocious work

I love my Swiffer Wet Jet. Although this is not the most used tool in my house for the moment (I'm kinda overwhelmed with the mess), it's very convenient for a quick cleaning, for sticky juice on the floor, traces of dirty boots and dog vomit .. Yerk ...

Addicted to online ordering, I hate to go downtown for anything and it's mainly my husband who is responsible for the grocery. He excels better than me on the subject, I tend to want to get rid of it as soon as possible and come back empty-handed (intentionally he would say).

I'm more the type to buy double, triple and quadruple just to avoid the task of having to go anywhere unnecessarily. Amongst other things, the kind of thing that exasperates me is not having cleaning cloth for my Swiffer Wet Jet (really the type of nullity that doesn't matter to 99.99% of the population). It's been an eternity since I bought any, for environmental reasons of course, but because I use an equally useful method.

Just take a kitchen wash cloth; those with a small net on one side.Cut two small holes where the sprinklers are and fix it with something that will make you happy: cloths pins, paper clips or hair clips like me. When your done using it, hop! in the washer and starts fresh with another one.

You should put the side with the net toward the floor, as the other side tends to stick to the floor. That's the beauty of this kind of cloth, the side with the net slides to the floor but picks up everything. These wipes normally come in a package of three, so you always have a spare one.

Happy cleaning ...