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My second experience of buying glasses online - A review of Zenni Optical

This winter someone I know recommended me Zenni Optical following my first adventure with Clearly Contacts. I took a peek on the website and I was surprised to see the low prices. This person assured me that she already had several pairs of glasses from this company and that she'd never had a problem since. It was enough to convince me.

So I placed my order on January 7, 2015. The glasses arrived a month later. Zenni is located in San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. This is normally the number of weeks I have to wait for orders from the United States to come. 

Zenni optical review

The glasses came in a bubble pack. Inside, the printed receipt, a cloth wipe, a plastic case and of course the glasses. This time, I made sure that they were of good width and they were actually really comfortable compared to the first. Very delicate, perhaps even a little too much . I paid US $ 57.85 - $ 71.03 Canadian (prescription included). If you've read my review of Clearly Contacts, you will see that I have three conditions that generally increases the cost of my order. So for a person who had one vision problem, this bill should be less.

Zenni optical review

The temples are made of plastic and wiggle a little when gently pulled. Also the fact that there are no frame on the lower part weaken those glasses a bit more. Otherwise they are very feminine and chic. The color is vibrant and details on temples are very nice.

From the start, I felt discomfort while wearing them. This time, it was not the frame but the prescription. I felt that my right eye was pulled to one side and the more I wore them the more I felt a headache. Looking at them a little more, that's when I discovered the problem.

I paid $ 19.95 (1.61 High Index Single Vision) in order to thin the thickness of the lens. Very obviously, this step was skipped.

Zenni optical review

After a long series of emails, a representative gave me the following information: "We checked with our laboratory and the central lens thickness is approximately 2.7 mm for the right eye and 2.2mm for left eye. You can compare your current glasses. "

I measured my glasses and found that the left was 2.2 cm but the right was almost 4mm.

Zenni optical review

In the next email, I was given permission to return the glasses. I went to see the information for the cost of return and there was none, consequently it was MY responsibility to pay the return. Here the return policy

An estimation on Canada Post indicated that it would cost about $ 12 to $ 17 to return the glasses . I just decided to keep them.

I take some blame in this story since I made the decision not to make the change. Since these glasses are not that robust I did not want to spend money and energy on these frames. I think Zenni should have proposed me to pay the cost of return since it was their mistake, not mine. For this reason, I must admit that I got what I paid for. If you want to make sure you have a frame of quality and after sale service, it might worth to pay a little more.

I believe in second chances, I think of ordering again on Zenni ( I haven't made my mind yet) but this time I'll take a full frame and possibly sunshades to be used only occasionally.