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My beautiful garden, king of the supper.

How I love your green foliage...

Every year I embark on the adventure and every year ends in the same way, an empty freezer. It's not even a big freezer, but it's ridiculously empty.

I am trying anyway for an umpteenth time, I am tenacious. Unlike last summer, it will be in direct sunlight. Last year was half-shade half-light and has served as litter box for the cat of my aunt who lives nearby. He is very beautiful, and white (the cat) and my dog Nooky love him! But I have not even had a mini cucumber in this beautiful garden-litter ...

Sandstone gardenSandstone garden

The list is long this year:

Cucumber, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, yellow beans, green beans, peas, watermelon, lettuce, chives, green peppers and tomatoes.

What interests me most are fruits and vegetables that will fill my dark freezer. I feel inspired by a story that went viral recently: A couple of the region went through winters without groceries. With 2 children and 2 job losses this year and groceries that only increased, I'm seriously trying new methods.

We are trying a raised garden this time. It seems to be a good method and I feel I can manage more bad weeds.

I started seeding in the house already. Remains to be seen whether all this will bear fruits, or if my efforts will simply be a source of discouragement for next summer(or litter box for the cat of my aunt! Don't get me wrong, he is the cutest! )

Indoor seedingIndoor seeding

You have foolproof methods and a green thumb? Do you have tips? Share them, I need them.