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Mothballs, green worms and broccolis

I've been wanting to grow broccolis since the dawn of time but I've never achieved success. Broccolis are hard to grow. It need the perfect balance of sun, shade, nutriment, space and care. Last year I grew them inside and transferred them outside but they caught cold and I lost half of my culture. And because the sun was partially blocked by my house they went up reaching for the sky and I got broccoli flowers instead.

So this year I moved my garden again, but this time in full sun and I'm happy to say that it's a success! But it's not without a lot of attention. My job has been slow lately and I've spend most of my summer at home with my girls so it's been very easy to spot problems when they occurred.

Firstly, the stems. I had to rebuild the soil around the stems as they grew up,  because they were so skinny to begin with. This gave the entire plant a solid base and the leaf started to grew much much larger. I did not do that last year. So the bigger the stem, the larger the broccoli. Logic!

When those tiny green worms started to appeared I picked them up one by one 2 to 3 times daily. I was obsessed. Clearly it's a job for a "stay at home mom" lol. A family member told me to sprinkled onion powder on them. I did, but it rained 4 days non-stop and this method proved to be not very durable.

Next I found a method on you tube. This guy simply use mothballs to confused the broccoli odor for the worms. It seems they are attracted by the smell of it. So sprinkling onion powder could potentially work also. I had to give it a try! Simply put mothballs (not the flake ones) in a sock.

Then with a nail or a thumb tack, hide everything with a container or a plastic glass on a wood stick. Your socks should not be visible as you don't want rain to dissolve everything in your garden. The plastic glass will protect your mothballs, you don't want your broccoli to be poisoned with it either.

I collected worms for 3 days after and then it stopped. I guess these were eggs already in place. I only had 6 broccoli and one mothball post. These plants are huge and they spread very wide so maybe I should have put another one or two.

I bought this bag.

These have 2 mothballs disc in a small pack and they've got holes in it. I took them out of their bag but my guess is they would work in it also. I placed 6 discs in the sock (3 bags of 2 discs).

This method worked like wonders.  Look at that!

Next year I know exactly where to begin:  with mothballs and a sock!

But before that, if you've previously read my article from last year, you'll know I have an unwanted visitor in my garden and he left a gift again.  I might just have to confused him with some strange odor too.