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Make your own pair of Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

Halloween is near and with Halloween, comes the mad hunting for the perfect costume. Every year for the third year in a row, a couple of friends of ours, organize a party on their garage and it's so fun making an entrance and see everybody with their perfect or not-so-perfect outfit.

My hunt for the perfect outfit always start with a pair of heels. I don't feel complete without a nice pair of six inch heels. It's an addiction like so many others, what else can I say! Last year I got my work cut out because the theme was "Cartoon". A hundred ideas came in my mind but my husband is not the type to go overboard about anything so I had to find something simple for him but over the top for me.  We are like a pair of peacock but in reverse. I like stuff that make a stand, he likes to disappear in a crowd.

So again Pinterest came to my rescue and I found the perfect pair of costumes for us: The wizard of oz. You got it: RUBY SLIPPERS!!! Perfect. The only costume that start with a pair of shoes. And for my husband: a scarecrow. Nothing fancy about a scarecrow.

I started to search for a pair of heels I would be ok to ruined but I love every one of my heels so I got a brand new pair on sale at a store downtown 2 for 20$. What's a deal! (I went back and bought 2 more!) 

For the glitter, I got this red glitter glue 1.50$ each at my local dollar store. It took about 8 of them. Now that I think of it; I should have started with a dark shoe instead of the white. It would have taken a lot less glitter glue for sure. Lesson learned.

Five days, five gluing session and glitters all over the house. It was worth it !  All I did was simply spread the glitter with my hands and let a day (or half a day) to dry in between, patching the spots that needed more every time. I also sprinkled some glitter powder at each gluing step.

ruby slippers

When all white was gone I glue-gunned a nice lace all around to make a nice finish between the red and the white, and a satin ribbon just to make it cute. Voila!
Paired with a blue puffy skirt, a white apron, a blue corset, a pirate style white top, some mesh nylons, a faux braids wig and of course: Toto in his basket.

I made all the clothes myself with some left over fabrics I had but you can buy something similar in any Halloween stores; I've seen some sexy version of it but they would have cost 10 times what I have invested in my costume. And of course you won't find those splendid heels in any store and loose an occasion to make an entrance!

rubby slippers

Only withdraw with my ruby slippers, I couldn't click my heels three times and wake up in my bed in Kansas surrounded by my loved ones as if it had all been just a dream.  It would have destroyed my beautiful heels.

They are now at home in a safe place for myself to keep. 

"There's no place like home".- Wizard of Oz 1939