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Living room decorative molding boxes

Ever had that moment when you are tired of your walls? Just painting them is not enough and you don’t have fantastic canvas to hang as well. Well I was there and my brain was going like crazy!

STANLEY mitre box

Maybe I could decorate with moldings? Well my hubby didn’t think it was a good idea at the time. "Too complicated, too messy, too of everything". So I said "Why don't you let me start and you could make suggestions later". Making loud noise (with tools) was out of the question for the rest of the family during evenings and weekends.  Instead of my mitre saw, I went ahead and bought this STANLEY mitre box for only $19.99. It is intended to cut 45 degree angles (without the noise)! 

 My time frame was not a problem. The living room was used occasionally and we have the family room downstairs. So do it girl!

First thing to take into consideration when you start this kind of project is: DO I have the time? Will this linger for months and months? I started this project in November of 2012 and completed it at the end of February 2013. I was working on it during evenings and weekends, when I had nothing else more important to do.

So, you should visualize the end result,  what is it that you want? A box per walls, two boxes, three boxes? I stopped my choice on two boxes for the long walls and one of each side of the window, smaller ones. Do you want squares, rectangles, with a little design? I chose a little design(I love challenges) and rectangles. You should also plan it on paper and then you draw it on the wall itself (I would have loved that as a child) . It will give you an idea of the real thing.

No more Nails from Lepage

Another thing to take into consideration is the studs. If you can find them and design your box according to them, you are in business to nail them. You are lucky if your house was built with studs 12 inches apart, mines are 16 inches apart. So most of them were glued with this amazing product. No more nails from Lepage.

 Boulanger 80519 chair rails

When choosing your moldings buy the one that are primed already. I used the Boulanger 80519 chair rails. You can use a smaller one also. My project needed about 22 pieces of 8 footers, but I didn’t buy them at once. Buy enough for one box at a time if your supplier has a regular stock (it's one of the reason it me took 4 months to complete).  After you start measuring: ALWAY MEASURE TWICE AND CUT ONCE. Don’t back up and don’t let anybody near your bubble or disturb you..

Once your done and satisfied, you need to consider the color.  OK now is the moment when I need to tell you something. PAINT YOUR WALL FIRST. I did it after because we could not agree on the color. I wanted earth tone colors and hubby wanted bright and keep it white everywhere.  NO WAY!!

So hubby won with the lighter colors but it was an excellent choice after all. 

Benjamin paint CC-216 Butter milk

We went with Benjamin paint CC-216
Butter milk for the wall. 

Boulanger OC-5 Maritime white

Inside the boxes, we picked OC-5 Maritime white.

It is very beautiful and I love it.  Don’t even need to put picture frames.  We even decided to paint the kitchen and the hallway.

So this it it. See you next time. Hope you enjoyed it!