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This large tent-trailer - Not that large finaly

We did not really choose our first tent trailer. We are a "diy" family and we buy our  cars used and crashed and repair them. It's great for the budget and the environment. This tent trailer was also used (being part of an accident) and buried under the snow when we've acquired it but my brother had seen it opened and assured us that it was in good condition so we trusted him. Furthermore it fitted within our tight budget at the time and we knew we would not keep it long.

In the spring, it arrived home. Apart from the sun damages it was actually in good condition, nothing irreparable. We sew the fabric on both bunk bed sides because the sun had burned some sewings and changed the tires.

Coleman Sunridge tent-trailer

Our first tent trailer: Coleman Sunridge 1997 - At some point, a thunder storm arose and we all got inside. 12 peoples and all very comfortable.

Specs: 19 feet long closed/ 25 feet 9 inches long open; dry weigh 2200 lbs.  Sleeps 8 people; 2 king beds; fridge; 3 burner indoor stove, indoor sink with pump; bay window over kitchen; window curtains and bed privacy curtains; furnace; electric brakes; convertible bench and dinette beds; large exterior storage trunk; awning; LPG Detector; Spare Tire; Awning.

What we loved about it: 

  • Large storage container at the front.
  • The canopy (If you have one) offers a storage capacity and shelter during bad weather.
  • The large integrated footstool
  • A large storage drawer

What we disliked about it: 

  • Size: You cannot move the tent trailer without a large truck. In fact, we bought the tent trailer AND the truck at the same time and in order to be able to use it.
  • Despite its size, there was very little storage space. 
  • The price of sheets and blankets to accommodate king beds are much much more expensive.
  • Depending on the location of your campsite, it's hard to keep it downright parked in a small space.

We used this trailer for three summers and when the need to get rid of the truck was felt, this tent trailer has become a burden.

After each of our camping trips we had to fix a lot of things (We camp in remote locations and to get there puts a lot of wear and tear on cars and campers). Given its age and condition, we decided to make a trailer out of it. I had a joyful time to destroy it and I kept an impressive number of articles from this trailer. Unfortunately I did not mind taking pictures since it happened very quickly, this blog was not in my plans at this time.

Here is the trailer that we managed to make out of this tent trailer with the precious help of my father in law. How about that!! 

Tent trailer conversion to trailer


My advice: Have a large, big tent-trailer does not necessarily mean more storage. It is currently just the opposite. A small trailer is better structured to be able to store as much as possible.  If you do not know how to choose, go visit from a vendor and make a list item you consider important to take to camping (or print my list). Review your list and imagine how each of these objects would find  in different trailer size. Will these items be bulky? Or completely out of hand? Are you going to bring a lot of things with your vehicle? Then you can search the classifieds and find the gem.

And you, what type of camping do you favor most?