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Kitchen Makeover - Part 4 - Updating the backsplash

I've been really lazy on my blog lately. I have other projects going on and my focus has been elsewhere. Winter is not really when my creativity is blossoming. I hate winter and it get the best of me.

Anyways, I haven't touched my #kitchen for a while and I think it's time I show you what I did with my ugly existing #ceramic tiles. I never got to finish it yet.

We shopped at the same hardware store for our house #construction and I don't know why but we stuck with this store for the entire house and this tile was the best option at the time. Beige again. I grew out of it, pretty quickly.

So, before I could put the new one I had to remove the olds. It was not a big job but a messy one. I was able to get rid of everything with my #pinkhammer and a flat screw driver within hours.

Hammering down old tiles

It left some messy spots where the #sheetrock came with the tiles. This is one of my attempt to cover a big hole. Not cute but it got the job done.

ceramic removal ceramic removal ceramic removal

After that, I removed some of the glue in preparation for the new one. My father had lend me a hand-held tile cutter with carbide scoring wheel and it left my hands all bloody and sore for a week after. During that summer I got to try a Wet Tile Saws especially made for cutting #ceramics (at my in-laws) and I swear I will never use a hand cutter in my life again. My advice: Get yourself the proper tools!

Overall it took an entire weekend to tackle my 2 walls. I'm pretty proud of the job. #Grouting was a breeze. A messy one but it went ok.


I'm so happy I made that changes. It easy to clean, #shiny during the day (I love shiny things), and I can play with a lot of colors for the rest of the project. By solving my #tiles problem, I created another one: the #countertop doesn't match now.  I think it's ugly and I plan on changing it. 

glass ceramic tile   glass ceramic tile

Don't hesitate to go #crazy on your projects, change is good. Just make sure you give yourself a finishing date because you'll never find the will to get over with. LOL.