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Kitchen Makeover - Part 3 - From darkness to light

I don't have pictures of the #cabinet doors during painting.  My cabinet doors were varnished and I had to clean and remove the #varnish before painting.  I used a 80 grit to remove the varnish, and then a 240 grit for finishing. It took about two months to sand and repaint everything (I work full time and a #mom of 2 preschoolers).  I tried to remove the varnish with paint solver but I got discouraged by the mess and the odor.  It was much easier with the sandpaper but it took a lot of patience however. I have in total 30 doors and 8 drawers.

I probably should have put a primer for solidifying the #paint but I skipped that step.  Only time will tell if I did good or not. I have exactly 3 coats on each of my doors, 2 inside.

Here's what I used for doors and cabinets.

Beauti-tone kitchen cabinet paint

It is a beautiful bright and easy to use paint, it covers well and dries quickly, virtually no odor. It is used for #doors, trim, #cabinets, #shutters and #trims (it's written on the label). Durable finishes and washable, resistant to dirt and mildew. (I testify that this is actually very easy to maintain.)

I love the #glossy finish, it gives another dimension at sunlight, the brightness brings more light.

A sample of the gloss.

Kitchen cabinet gloss

There was plenty of space between the #door trim when they were wooden. The varnish had dried and it was filled with dirt and cooking oil between the cracks. This painting filled every cracks, suddenly making cleaning easier and gave a finished look, almost plastics.

Kitchen cabinet before and after

If you notice in the right side, the wood grain is still visible, even painted. I like it. 

I also changed the handles on #doors and #drawers. The small leaves knobs that we used tended to roll around the screw and carved in the wood. I think it's the weight of the handle that that made them loose. We've reduced the length of the screw thinking it was too long, alas nothing worked.

I bought 3 packs of 10 knobs for a grand total of $ 34

9 drawer pulls for a grand total of $ 27

5 boxes of 12 hinges for a total of $ 119

It took me three cans of paint for a total of $ 120

Of course I have not included #paintbrushes and sandpaper, masking tape, etc .. but at least it gives an idea.

Grand total: $ 300

In future publication I'll show you the various modifications to my kitchen that simplified my life.