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Kitchen Makeover - Part 2 - Ideas to Reality

I have always been attracted to white. White is purity, tranquility, white is restful. I hate dark rooms, it's suffocating. So when I go into a house with white kitchen cabinets, I feel drawn to this room automatically.

When I decided it was time to do something of my kitchen, I went to check Pinterest. Pinterest is full of ideas and solutions. Here are some pins that inspired me.


I think planning is the most important part when you get into such project. When you have a better idea of the final result, it's easier to move forward. I highly recommend Pinterest, you can use on your computer, on your tablet and on your cell phone. It's very easy to use and free. Create a group "Kitchen" and add all the things that inspires you. 

Before starting, I made sure I had all the keys in my hand: paint, wood, moldings, door knobs, hinges, sandpaper, brushes, ceramics, grout, etc. ..


You might also need some basic tools.

pink hammer

Yes it's a pink hammer and I love it LOL.. 

This is my portable working station. 

portable tool station drawer

This white compartment with several drawers is very convenient for a temporary toolbox. I like it because it has wheels and I can push it where I need it. Dust and sawdust are now permanent on my toolbox. My husband has his tools and I mine. Sometimes we dig a little in the other toolbox but generally we get along well on the topic LOL ...

Anyway, take the time to get equipped before beginning, it is easier to pay a little at a time than paying a large amount all at once. It will give you the opportunity to get items on sale and lower your total cost.  When you have gathered all that you need, get started.

What does your toolbox look like? Do you have a fancy setup? We would love to hear about it.