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Kitchen Makeover - Part 1 - The dark cave kitchen

Aaaaaaa this moment of euphoria that is experienced when one starts planning its #dreamhome. Ten years ago, I cut out all that I could find in magazines and catalogs on my dream kitchen; faucets, refrigerator, floors, pots, ect.. Fortunately, today there is Pinterest. Why is this room so important for women? I think we have to go back to the time of cavemen to know why. I am against stereotypes but I think I have a lot too.

The hubby's dream kitchen.

Outside kitchen

What I consider a dream kitchen

White kitchen

My actual #kitchen

Pine kitchen Pine kitchenPine kitchen





We are far from the dream to reality you say? Nahhhh, it's just a matter of perspective, I see a rough diamond. An opportunity of dream to tinker. You guessed with the photo number 2, I am about to paint everything in #white. I was too excited to start, I forgot to take a picture of this section before beginning.

The only thing I really like about this kitchen is the fact that it was built with a lot of love and patience by my father. Of course we helped but without my father, we would not have done it. Thank you Dada. heart

So, when I look at these pictures, I see:  

beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, 
beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, beige, beige,...........

During the day it's dark, during the evening is dark; no incentive to stay. The worst part of it? It is I who conceived in the "design". So I have no one else to blame but me!

Inside several cabinets, there are no shelves, some crown moldings are missing, #doorknobs roll around screws, no finishes around the dishwasher, no grout between the ceramic tiles, no finishes between floor and #cabinetry.

Rotating cabinet handle 

A project that fell into ruin between the birth of two little girls.

I have a lot of work to put on that #kitchen but I can't complain too much: I love this kind of project. Over the weeks, I will discuss how I got to a fairly convincing result in an equally convincing budget.

Is your kitchen really close to your dream kitchen?