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How to Repair damaged windows screens on a tent trailer

We knew our tent trailer would require some care since it had been stored for too long by the previous owner. Among other things the mesh windows had been nibbled by mice. At first I was thinking to take it to a professional who would changed them all, but it was going over budget, so I decided to fix them on my own, and it turned out pretty good after all.

Damaged mesh tent trailer

Whether you are a beginners or an enthusiastic campers, you know what holes in a screen can do. It's worse when you do wild camping like us, we become preys of choice for these little creatures. It is important that each hole is properly repaired if you want to sleep well.

Instead of completely removing the mesh and have it repaired by a professional, I have addressed this problem simply by cutting a piece of mesh (which I took from the destruction of my old trailer) about 1 cm wider than the hole size. You can find the window mesh in any good hardware store .

Damaged mesh tent trailer

Then, with black thread simply attach the new piece by sewing over the hole all around. It is not necessary to know how to sew. :-)

I suggest you put this piece inside since someone could easily rip out this piece (by mistake or accident) and damaging the mesh.

Damaged mesh tent trailer

And Voila, a quick repair, inexpensive and very effective. we hardly see where the holes were when the windows are open.

HOWEVER:  It is much easier to repair a piece having a square shape. I realized it when I was almost finished. My cousin had the same problem and it was much easier to cut squares than trying to guess shapes with the replacement part. Simply cut around the original hole (the one on the trailer) until it had the look of a square. Measure the hole and adjust your part with these measures.

Do you know methods for quick repairs or foolproof methods to seal the holes in a campers (or in the house) ?