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Getting rid of those nasty pesky fruit flies

It's that season of the year and those pesky fruit flies takes over my kitchen and my sanity, again. Last year they stayed until Christmas. I am so ashamed, I was probably the only home left of my entire town with fruit flies at Christmas. I promised myself it would not happen this season but with 2 kids, promises are hard to keep.

cup collection fluit flies

So, here I am again with a whole batch or apple vinegar cups lying around the kitchen knowing it's a lost cause. Oh yes, they get in my vinegar cups but not as fast as I would want them to. They seems a bit more interested in my bananas though. Hop bananas in the fridge! Who does that! Me I guess.

Anyway I got to work yapping and winning about my fruit flies and Sandra my co-worker mention something about using bananas instead of apple vinegar. I'm up for anything. In despair of cause I sacrifice one of my precious banana and distribute the glorious fruit in 4 cups.

What a surprise! Not only does it work but there is actually more flies in there than the vinegar one. The problem is, they are very much alive in there and I'm not sure they will die some day soon. So adding some kind of liquid, water or vinegar could probably help. Or maybe I could take my cups in the wood and let them free or just leave the cup outside to dry in the sun! 

I can't understand that in 2016 there isn't a sort of vacuum device designed to pull them in instead of having to wait for them to come. I'm on to something here right?  My head is spinning with ideas!!! 

fruit flies

We'll see! For now I'm having a blast watching them being captured by a stupid vision and odour of a simple but glorious banana.

Build it and they will come.