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A few additions to the tent trailer

I like to make things better, but what I like more is to have everything on hand when I need them. Essentially, this tent trailer was well made but I still made some improvement over time.

#1 Lightning

LED lightning on tent-trailerWe changed the bulbs to LED bulbs. You can see the difference between the two. Which is LED? Easy to see ... The lights quickly emptied the battery, so it was a very beneficial change.

I found 6 bulbs on eBay for US $ 28.99 + US $ 2.00 shipping cost. Approximately $ 5.00 each. You can search for this description on ebay: 1156 BA15S RV Camper Trailer Interior LED Lights Bulbs

1156 is usually the number you should check for tent-trailers lightning.

Also we've added these lights (below) which extend into the side of the beds, rather convenient since it allows to open only the light above the bed instead of the main room. It plugs into the light of the main ceiling and stretches to attach to the rod that holds the ceiling of the suspended beds.

Extending light on end beds  Extending light on end beds

# 2 The storage under the bench seats

There is plenty of storage under the seats but accessing it is rather a nightmare. It was made with a large plank which had to be completely removed to take out objects. It gave me hives since I had to put the big board on the beds with the cushions. The plank got stuck between the table and the bed border, so I could only use one hand at once. 

It was an easy fix; I simply cut the plank in two and tied the two pieces to the edge with 2 hinges. I also made a hole in the boards, simply a matter of being able to slip my fingers in order to open the door. Now I can lift one side at a time, the board remains raised.  The first box is where all the toys for the girl are, so it's often open!!! 

Storage under bench seats tent-trailer

Storage under bench seats tent-trailer

# 3 slippery cushions

One of the common things to all caravans and campers are cushions that don't remain in place. Just before cutting my boards, I attached matching velcros to the boards and cushions. Warning: my first attempts were not very successful at all. I glued the velcros on the wood. After one day they simply dragged and dropped. So I have them attached with a stapler. Bingo! This time they stayed in place. On the cushions, the glue was enough and it has passed the test of  non-stop moving little girls.

slippery cushions  slippery cushions

# 4 Additional storage for beds

I always lose my glasses at night. I hang them from the ceiling on the supporting rod; they fell, I put them next to my pillow, they slide on the side of the mattress, I lay them on the table; they are too far away. I searched Google to find storage solutions on the side of the bed but it was all solutions that were taking too much space and sometimes even dangerous. By pure chance I stumbled on this car bag in my local dollar store.  This is usually put on the rear of a car seat but in my case it proved more practical for storage to the back of the beds.

Additional storage for beds

I simply slid it on the support bar. It is not heavy enough to cause problems and have numerous pockets that are handy to slide all sorts of things, such as glasses, flashlights, phone, watch, jewelry, cards, paper and pencils etc ... I have one, on each beds.

# 5 Orientation of the doors

The storage at the entrance serves as my pantry, simply because I can access food without entering the tent trailer (we rarely eat in) and because I can remove the food back at home without opening the trailer tent in full.

Unfortunately the door was installed to open from the inside.  After a season, I got tired of having to enter the tent in order to take the food so I changed the direction of the door. I simply unscrewed the hinges and turned the door upside down, the handle was in the center so I did not needed to touch it. We can't see the holes thus created by the hinges when the door is closed as the door hides everything.

Orientation of the cabinet doors on tent-trailer

It's much more convenient that way, I sit in my chair and I stretch my hand to take the food. Camping laziness at its best.

# 6 Paper towels holder

I always ends up losing my roll of paper towel. It gets full of water when the girl get back from the river or falls under the tent trailer after dinner.

It's settled, I simply attached a paper towel holder on the sink holder and we no longer seek. I honestly don't even understand how this doesn't come with the trailer during manufacture. It's not a big transformation but it is very handy. 

Paper towels holder

# 7 clothing storage box

In my large tent trailer, there was this huge drawer where I would put all the clothes. I miss it sometimes, it was really convenient. I hate backpacks lying around and mixing the clean clothes with the dirty one.

I found this plastic furniture with 3 drawers rather convenient. During our camping trip, it is the perfect size on the counter, barely wider than the counter and the height does not hide the view from the window. Its height also does well in the tent trailer when closed for the season. I paid $ 39.99. All family clothes goes in there, two adults and two children.

 clothing storage box  clothing storage box

# 8 Personal items container

This little box remains in the trailer all year long. It's a transparent shoe box (So I don't have to search to find). There is in any kind of personal items in there such as:

Personal items container
hair elastic, hair brush, tooth brushes, tooth paste, deodorant, nail clippers, some drug products (such as Tylenol, Benadryl ..) box of sewing, hand lotion, bug spray, shampoo, sunscreen and many others ... All sample size.
Personal items containerPersonal items container It fits perfectly in my ceiling cabinet storage (another nice feature of this small tent trailer) with beach towels and washcloths. All these items are in the trailer all year long, they are solely intended for the use of the camping.

This is essentially some additions I made last year.

I added over 60 articles more than the previous season in this little tent trailer. Ironically it's easier to organize with two children than being a couple without children in the previous years.

I will add in the coming days, my list of temporary article and my list of items that remain in the tent trailer at all times.