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Essentials for the tent trailer (or simply camping)

usefull food items for campingI have one goal in camping, break away completely from the daily worries and life in general. Not that I have a stressful life, but everyone needs to let go once in a while. My house is still under construction and in constant movement and one of the things that are mandatory for me on camping is that everything must be I.M.P.E.C.A.B.L.E Yes, I clean on camping, I pack, I sweep, I dust... I get obsessed.

I hate chaos and with two cats, a dog and two girls, my house is very chaotic, so for me to feel good, everything must be at its place.

I did some research during a complete winter when I changed for my smaller tent trailer because I believed I wasn't able to place everything in such a small space. Here are some great findings:

1. Jack Pads (Stabilisators)

Jack PadsI found these stabilizers at Walmart in the car department. It's rare that I go on that section but my husband had to get something and I made the alleys in the meantime. What a surprise to find these there. When we had the truck, we were carrying pieces of wood planks to stabilize the legs of the tent trailer. It was rather cumbersome. Two of these packs of 4 stabilizers do the job now. They lock together with a Velcro strip. I just love them.

2. Slim water bottle

Our tent-trailer had seen better days and although still in very good condition, I haven't' used the water from the taps yet. To see the state of pipes, I know very well that nothing good will ever come out of it.


faucetAlso, when taking pictures of the pipe, I noticed that the taps has been changed (What! I got this tent-trailer 3 years ago, I never saw that before!). Even if I had a water container underneat (which seems absent) I could not use it without electricity. What the hell happened there! 

water jugWe camp in remote areas without electricity, so the tap has not been useful to us. I always bring this big bottle of water, and frankly, it has never been used or very little.

Slim water bottleFor our purposes, I find this bottle much more convenient. It's thin, does not take a lot of place and the quantity is perfect since we hardly only use water for cooking anyways. (On camping we drink beer obviously ahhahah). I put it in the freezer the night before and the water stays fresh longer.

I found it at Walmart but I have also saw it at Canadian Tire.

3. Retractable clothes basket

Folding basketI hate dirty clothes lying around everywhere when camping and this laundry box is perfect for the occasion. It's retractable for storage when the tent trailer is being stored and transparent to find clothes trowed in it by mistake or that you wish to get back (beach towels, cap, shoes, etc..).  When done, I take the entire thing to the laundry room.

​4. Retractable water bucket

Folding water carrierWhether to clean our feet back from swimming or pre-rinse dirty dishes before cleaning, these retractable water buckets are extra in the tent trailer. They fit nicely in cabinets and are large enough to provide good amount of water. I found these at my store local dollar (Dollarama).

5. Retractable forks

Mashmallow stickWho doesn't like eating marshmallows warmed on a wood fire? I don't know such person yet. I bought these long forks fifteen years ago and I used them until we bought the small tent trailer. They had become too cumbersome.

I found these little forks much more practical. Although less solid and less long they are much better than wooden branches. They are retractable and fit nicely in the cabinet of the tent trailer.

6. Compact pots

15 in 1 potsThe handles of my two pots become super hot and I hate to use them since most of the time I miss one or the size is unsuitable for cooking. Before I did the modification of the kitchen item cabinet I could not close the door on those too big cauldrons. I was looking for a good set of pots but the price versus quantity was not really ideal (too many pots in sets, or plastic handles).

I finally got hold of this small set of pots, not the strongest of all, but well designed for my small tent trailer. In addition, it gives me more pots size, plus some small mixing bowls. Perfect. 

7. Cutlery drawer

kitchenwareThere is a single drawer in my tent trailer and I used it for utensils and cutlery. Unfortunately it is so narrow that most of my cooking tools does not fit. I toured the shops around with a measuring tape and I finally got hold of a set of spoons and spatulas appropriate for this mini-drawer, see the difference (red one is in my house)

kitchen drawerSee them in the drawer now, they really take the entire space even if they are the smallest I could find.  Measure your drawers before you go to look for flatware for camping.

8. Small shovel - digging tool

shovelHere is a small tool that is very useful. We use it mostly when it comes to install the supporting legs. Sometimes there are rocks or the ground is too soft or angled. This is perfect because a big shovel would be too cumbersome.

Again, I found it at my local dollar store (Dollarama).

9. Hooks at the entrance

crochetI probably should have put this publication in "a few additions to the tent trailer" but I forgot, so I put it here just for the small broom and hooks in the entrance.

We always end up losing or misplacing the keys among the clothes. I always panic about it, then I found on Pinterest that idea, putting hooks near the front door - quite ingenious.

Otherwise, this little broom is very convenient and I even use it to sweep the floor, no joke! I hung it there just to use it outside and inside.

I moved the extinguisher bottle a few inches to make room for the broom and possibly a flashlight in the future.


I am not done shopping for great finds. I really love to simplify my life on camping and I am more and more effective at it. I have a lot of projects in mind and I'm looking for the gold pearl on everything. To be continued...