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Camping with the extended family

At this time of year, camping literally obsess me. The cold and the need to sleep with socks (Oh yes) makes me dream of the hot sun of summer, the song of small birds in the morning and the ease to quickly make activities without planning.

Camping took a different turn with the years, having had two babies in two years, the quantity of food items and stuff to bring greatly increased. Our first tent trailer came with the arrival of our first daughter.

Camping with small children is not an easy task for the quantity of items to bring, planning meals and lack of sleep, boredness (Of the little ones, not ours), and constant vigilance to avoid accidents.

Enlarged family on camping Enlarged family on camping






You must first know that we do not camp in public campsites, there is no electricity, no sewer and no convenience where we go (therefore no neighbors). We drive about 160 km of road, half on a dirt road. We are a big (extended) family that all loves the same kind of camping and we often end up with more neighbors that we currently have on our street.

Before we were camping with a tent on the ground and the little that we brought remained in the car and were going from the car to the tent constantly. I spent about a day and a half to put everything in the car. What a waste of time.

The last time we went camping in a small tent on the ground, went not very well. We had a little hyperactive dog (RIP Sasha) expert in desertion that successfully escaped scraping the bottom of the tent. So when we had our first daughter, for me there was no way I was sleeping on the floor again. I became a mother hen I do not know how, but anyway, I refused to go camping for the 3 years that followed. This is when our first tent trailer came.

My parents introduced me to the camping at a very young age. I have absolutely fantastic memories of camping. My parents, uncles, aunts, cousins ​​were all going at the discovery of several non-listed trails, unexplored, a new and mystical destination every time. My parents were definitely more adventurous than we are today. My father drove a big blue van and there was a blue dragon on the console (vestige of the previous owner?) And this was our code name with which we spoke with my uncle (who preceded us) with a transmitter cb. What happy memories anchored in my head.

At that time, my parents also had a tent trailer and  all my camping memories come with the tent trailer.

I will discuss in future publication about how we managed to make several camping trips last season, with two small children and little packaging stress. Of course the key to the organization lies in the tent trailer, but most of these tips may apply to camping in general.

And you,  what are  your most memorable camping memories?