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Are you worried to order glasses online? A review

Are you worried to order glasses online?

Where I live, I usually can not have prescription glasses under $ 400. And again, I'm very generous. In my case, I am myopic and astigmatic (football eye shaped). I also do not have the same strength in both eyes. These three conditions grouped, it takes different corrections in each eyes therefore increases the bill accordingly.

What made me start to shop online? Our tight budget because of the high cost of child care, but that's another story. The first Google search brought me on As a Canadian company, I decided to give it a go. I saw a lot of advertisement online and on TV so I trusted it should be ok.

I have always wore very discreet glasses, brown-gold color or hardly no frame and this time I wanted to change. I am particularly attracted to purple lately  and this pair of glasses seemed very fashionable.

  Clearly contact

I made this order on July 29, 2014 and it got to my mailbox about a week later. I was very impressed.

They arrived in a box, inside of a rigid glasses case and accompanied by a small cleaning kit

Clearly contact cleaning kit  

My first impression was that they were just too tight and I tossed them aside a little discouraged, then I forced myself to wear them again two or three times after that. Unfortunately I could not get used to them. I got them back in the box telling me that at least I had lost only $ 148 (Versus 400$) and try to sell the frame online. On January 9th 2015, I accidentally came upon a Facebook conversation of a 365-day return guarantee. Telling me that I had nothing to lose, I contacted them. See information here:

I had a long conversation with a friendly representative. At first he told me that because I had worn the glasses, I could not return them. So I explained that there was no visible scratch but he told me that I could try (if I wanted) to send them back (without their initial approval) but they would not refund me. (You must first know that in the meantime I made an order for my hubby on December 1th, 2014 and he was VERY satisfied with the purchase). So I submitted this photograph to show the wear. 

scratches on glasses

It was only when I looked carefully in the light that I realized those little scratches. I do not know how this happened between the third or fourth times I've worn them. I asked the representative if it was better that I kept them instead of taking a chance to lose my money and my glasses. To my great surprise, they agreed to give me a credit for the same value of my purchase for the next purchase (As one time exception - their words).

These glasses were very well built, very solid. I still enjoyed the small cleaning kit they told me to keep even after the return. The price of the return was $ 0. Oh yeah! Hop, in the box, that's it. Couples of days after I got an e-mail that they received the glasses and were revising my case. 

For this reason, I must say exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this company for the outstanding service that I received but also for the quality of their products.

Update:  August 3rd,  2015 -  I used my credits to buy a new pair of glasses that I absolutely adore. They are purple as well with small design on the side. No adjustment was required. They are simply perfect. 

Clearly contact